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Video: A double dip of Invicta FC All Angles, Modafferi vs. LaRosa and Waterson vs. Tamada

September 18, 2014



With the move to stream all their events on UFC Fight Pass, some worried that Midwest all-female promotion Invicta Fighting Championship would lose some of its indie flavor. A big part of how Invicta FC cultivated their cult following was the top shelf video content they produced pre and post fight night. After Invicta FC 8 the promotion once again teamed with the All Elbows crew to make moving picture magic.

Shot and cut by filmmaker E. Casey Leydon, first up is we have a battle of WMMA vets as Roxanne Modafferi pulls off an upset over Tara LaRosa despite leaving all her Jedi mind tricks in her holster. In the main event atomweight champion Michelle Waterson shuts down Jewels mainstay Yasuko Tamada in the third round with some face moving knees. 

Video: Brian Arnolds dominates, becomes first American ever to complete stage 3 on American Ninja Warrior

September 16, 2014



Ninja skills are increasing. American Brian Arnold realizes ninjas need top shelf climbing skills on the latets epsiode of the NBC show American Ninja Warrior. With the pressure on his shoulders Arnold spider flipped his way past the unforgiving incline of Mt. Midoriyama. MMA has wrestling, jiu-jitsu and kickboxing as standard bases for its' training but what the sport really could use is more ninja based martial artists like Arnold.

Arnold owns stage 3 event despite cutting himself and nearly knocking himself out on the large ceiling fan in the middle course. The Team America athlete, Arnold becomes the first USA born ninja in training to complete stage 3 in live competition. Future generations of school children will hear folks tales and sing the praises of Arnold for years to come.

Video: Jetsetter, 100 acre home owner and Anthony Kiedis texter Dana White opens his Vegas office for interview

September 16, 2014



Dana White is the most outspoken sports league president in the world. According to their website Jetset Magazine caters to the wealthiest demographic in the world. Only 1% of the world's population are true Jetsetters. Lucky for the rest of us Jeteset Magazine has an absolutly free YouTube channel! When the very wealthy meets the very outspoken you get a nine minute stand-up interview.

UFC president Dana White welcomed the JS Mag (?) cameras into to high end Las Vegas office space for an exclusive interview and tour. White talks about the unique art that occupies the UFC's wall space, "Corporate America", his 100 acre home filled with guns and sports cars as well as his first commercial flight in seven years.

Video: For the love of....Amateur Muay Thai fights ends in double low blow KO finish

September 15, 2014

The controversial yet to be released documentary "Fight Church" continues to screen around the film festival circuit. In the latest clip the Fight Church pastors are holding an amateur muay thai fight night at the church. Covered in headgear and oversized gloves unskilled church goers swing away at each other in the name of their religious beliefs.

Perhaps because they have little to no technique or perhaps as a sign from a higher power the first fight ends with both men dropped to the floor from simultaneous groin shots. Do you believe in miracles? Turning water into wine or watching two grown men knee each other in the nuts at the prefect time is scientific (or divine intervention) that the world works in mysterious ways.

Video: Fedor is really sad he never fought in the UFC. Just kidding fans Fedor has no regrets because he's Fedor

September 15, 2014



The greatest mixed martial arts heavyweight of all-time Fedor Emelianenko (34-4) has been retired for nearly two years now. A Pride FC superstar, Fedor is still by far the best MMA fighter never to compete inside the UFC's world famous Octagon. Now 37 years old, does the Russian Alien-Cyborg hybrid of a fighter have any regrets he never fought under the UFC"s promotional umbrella?

Fedor has no regrets but hardcore and casual fans alike still wonder what would have happened if the UFC and Fedor became prize fighting partners. Fedor never got to ground n' pound Frank Mir into submission. Fedor never got dropped on his head and mounted a comeback versus Randy Couture. Fedor will never have the chance to beat Cain Velasquez, drop down to light heavyweight to KO Jon Jones and then unseat Dana White as the next UFC president.

Video: Hidden characters from Super Smash Bros. 3DS confirmed in leaked Japan gameplay stream

September 12, 2014

Patience is for suckers. Three weeks away from its October 3rd North American release date new footage from Super Smash Bros. 3DS was grabbed from a recent gameplay stream in Japan. Off the Twitch stream a few hidden characters were confirmed and new gameplay modes were seen as well.

Released on September 13th in Japan, Super Smash Bros. 3DS will feature Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, Falco, Ness, the Duck Hunt Dog, and Bowser Jr. as playable characters.

Video: Jordan Burroughs talks bronze win, Adeline Gray wins World Title for Team USA at 2014 World Championships

September 11, 2014



Pound for pound the best freestyle wrestler on Team USA, Jordan Burroughs came up short at the 2014 World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Battling through injury and a stacked bracket at 74 KG Burroughs would bounce back from a loss to Denis Tsargush of Russia in the semifinals to capture a bronze medal. With a heavily wrapped left leg Burroughs improved to a mind-boggling 91-2 in international competition after his win over Rustam Dudaiev of Ukraine.

For Team USA's women's squad 75 KG competitor Adeline Gray had a storybook run to her gold medal win. Down 9-2 to in the opening round of her bracket, Gray rallied back for the win and moved on in the tournament. In the finals Gray would capture the second world title of her career with a win over Aline Da Silva Ferreira of Brazil.

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